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A Conversation with Suzanne Ciani
 Our Exclusive Free Podcast Interview

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Embark on an insightful voyage through the intriguing past and present of instrumental music innovator, Suzanne Ciani. Navigate from Suzanne's childhood in New England, through her New York City advertising adventures, to her eventual escape to beautiful Northern California.

Suzanne and host Phil Paranicas (Casale & Paras) of Radio take you from her days as an electronic music pioneer to her more recent jazz, solo piano, orchestral and live productions. Features seven full-length original compositions representing Suzanne's diverse repertoire - starting with her ground breaking Seven Waves, sailing all the way through to her recent multi-award winning Silver Ship. Including:

Seven Waves The First Wave: Birth of Venus
The Third Wave: Love in the Waves
Dream Suite Riding Heaven's Wave and
'Til Time and Times Are Done
Turning Turning
Live! The Velocity of Love
Silver Ship Silver Ship

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Full Length Audio CD Available!

Enjoy the complete interview, uninterrupted, with 7 full-length songs. Standard audio CD (not an MP3) - almost 80 minutes long! $9.99

Recorded by: Mike Caffrey
Mixed & Mastered: Don Casale Sr. and Philip Paranicas
Very special thanks to Suzanne Ciani and Don Casale for their incomprable professionalism, valuable time and input!

Additional Resources - Suzanne's official website - Wikipedia entry - Older interview



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