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Past and Presence
A Brief History of was launched in 2003, exclusively airing early-era new age music. It was created by Casale and Paras to share the compositions that inspired them among tracks from their debut album, unspoken. The station orginally featured classic contemporary instrumental music by Yanni, Enya, George Winston, Suzanne Ciani, Enigma and additional artists primaly on the Private Music and Windham Hill labels.

Today, as the station mushrooms in popularity wordlwide, the playlist is growing to include more classics and rare singles. We are also adding many new recordings by popular and independent new age music artists.

We are dedicated to breaking the freshest cuts for you too. was the first internet radio station to air Suzanne Ciani's recent 2005 release, Silver Ship. (We thank Suzanne for this wonderful and rare opportunity.) We also were one of the first to air George Winston's: Montana A Love Story a little while back.

We are presently expanding the playlist and building up theis website. We are adding more indie releases to the playlist from upcoming talented artists, live recordings, scarce singles, and bringing long awaited debuts including Enya's Amarantine this November.

We love programming this station and maintaining this site for you. We hope that you relax, get inspired by, and enjoy our gentle sounds...

"GREAT selection of music easy on the mind, soul and ears... You're in my favourites; and I will be tuning in regularly now. Thanks"
Mick, Kent, England



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