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Listeners Speak
Gentle Thoughts from Our International Audience

Thanks for putting together these sounds. I love it. I listen 12 hours a day just about. I love all the reverb and chords playing. Goose bump music."
~ Bing, California, USA

"I just want to thank you for the great easy listening music you provide... I enjoy the new age easy listening music and I thank you."
~ Flora, USA 

"I usually listen to Soft Jazz FM or Meditation Music, but neither one was doing it for me tonight. So, I searched for Enya, and found your station. I've added it to my presets. Thanks... Great station."
~ Frank, USA 

"I so wanted to say I love this station and all it's music, I receive compliments from many people."
~ Mary, Florida, USA

"Hey... you are really good!"
~ Marielos, Guatemala City, Guatemala

"Hi, every morning at work I enjoy listening to your radio station from Live 365... Great music station!!" ~ Amy, USA

"It's formidable station radio !!! A greeting from Rome-Italy"
~ "Nemo", Rome, Italy

"I love your station. I listen all day at work, and between my job demands and your station I can still smile and work through the deadline with a great feeling inside me. Thanks."
Mary, Florida, USA

"Just found your station while browsing radio staions online. GREAT selection of music easy on the mind, soul and ears of course. You're in my favourites and I will be tuning in regularly now. Again good tunes. Thanks."
~ Mick, Maidstone, Kent, England 

"I like Gentle Sounds because of the beautiful variety - I especially love the piano pieces."
Linnaea, California, USA

"I just found this website last week and I've been listening to it everyday at work.  I particularly like your station because the music is soothing for our hectic office without putting people to sleep.  Your artist selections are wonderful and I have cds of many of them."
Karen, Mississippi, USA 

"Just wanted you to know that I REALLY enjoy your music." 
Caryl-Marie, FL, USA

"I just found your radio stations two days ago, and I've enjoyed it a lot... The songs of your own sound very good."
~ Maria, Barranquilla, Colombia

"Hi, Phil... My name is Gene, and I live in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona. I just had to let you know how nice it is to hear "my kind of music" up here in the snow. You have a real class act and your music is played throughout our home. I'm an architectural designer... and your music is perfect for getting the conceptual artistic juices flowing."
Gene, Arizona, USA

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"I particularly like your station because the music is soothing for our hectic office without putting people to sleep."
Karen, Mississippi



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