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Help! Connecting to
A Simple Guide for First Timers

Listening is easy. You can play our station through Live365's media player Radio365, or any mp3 streaming player, such as WinAmp, iTunes, MusicMatch or RealPlayer. You must have a player installed to listen to GentleSounds.

Use Radio365
Visit the following links for quick download and set up, after you access Live365, use the link below in the yellow box to access GentleSounds. Have fun!
> Windows - Instructions and options for PC
>> Mac - Download Radio365 for Mac

OPTION 2: Use an Existing Player
You can use existing players such as WinAmp, iTunes, MusicMatch, Sonique, and others. Simply select player in the Live365 settings. Then click the link below to access the station.

>> Additional Help

After your player is ready, click here to tune in:
  • IMPORTANT! You can help support us by:
  • Making Us a Favorite Station
  • Listening Often
    (More airplay helps support the station)
  • Becoming a VIP member AND listening often!

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"Hey... you are really good!"
Marielos, Guatemala City, Guatemala



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>> Visit Casale & Paras, Hosts of Gentle Sounds
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