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Your New Age Radio Station
Relaxing, Inspiring Music is your sanctuary for contemporary instrumental melodies from the masters, up-comers and innovators of new age music. We feature a relaxing blend of spirited solo piano pieces, lush melodic instrumentals and ethereal vocals. This is a free web radio station broadcasting through the radio network.

Our mission is to relax and inspire you. We carefully select pieces with rich melody lines, robust accompaniment and heartfelt compassion. Some tracks are simple, yet contemplative. Others are bursting with emotion and instrumental climaxes.

Our format is universal and sings to a global audience. GentleSounds reaches tens of thousands of listeners in scores of countries across the world. They enjoy the delightful mix for work, study, relaxation, meditation, yoga, creative projects, dinner... It could be the soundtrack for your life, too.

We created Internet Radio to share the pieces we love and those we've created for you. As our station continues to evolve, we thank our audience for faithful listenership, great feedback and support. Enjoy the gentle sounds...

Casale & Paras


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"Thanks for putting together these gentle sounds. I love it. I listen 12 hours a day..."
Bing, California, USA



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Solace For Your Soul
Listen to relaxing new age music for work, relaxation, meditation, homework, designing, creating, or studying.
Our blend of new age, solo piano, contemporary instrumental, world and celtic music is enjoyed worldwide via the web.
Streaming music online from Yanni, George Winston, Enya, Suzanne Ciani, David Lanz, 2002, and many more.

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